Do we wish we could fix everything that’s ever
been wrong with the world we live in?

Of course.


But we wanted to make our mission sustainable, so we chose to focus on the thing you’d least expect to still be normal in so many parts of the world — slavery

Not a word we typically use, but we need you to know that “human trafficking”
is a fancy modern term that stands for a very unevolved thing

It may look like child prostitution, or people forced to work as staff in mansions, or even something as ubiquitous as a free porn website.

Some of the victims are taken through force. Some through cunning. Some have to play along because there are no other options to survive.

What we do at Do Good Now is creating better options. Facilitate awareness campaigns so that nobody falls for the old tricks the traffickers play. Use wonderful tools like microfinance to help create jobs where there are no good ones. Help survivors recover from the atrocities they had to live through. Help our fellow westerners make consumer choices that move the needle in the right direction.

Through it all, we run at ZERO operating costs and full transparency.

Every cent of every donation we receive goes to support only the most viable of local projects. No spending on first-class tickets for executives. No corruption or vanity investments.

No unreasonable demands on our tribe of ambassadors (which we hope you’ll join!) to give up their entire lives, either.

Just a very real commitment to Do Good Now and help you do the same..

Ulrika Lorenz

Entrepreneur. Investor. Visionary.
Lover of luxury. Conscious consumer.
Founder of Do Good Now.
Chief Editor for

Sponsored SOS Children’s Villages from the age of 14
Experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of “aid work” during her stint at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden.

“It’s time we take human rights to a new level and start talking about human responsibilities.”

Not one to shy away from a glamorous party or a fancy multi-course dinner with a side of soul conversation, Ulrika has never let her love for a nice life keep her from fighting for what’s right.

She uses her intimate work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, as well as the wealth, skills and connections she’s amassed as a successful businesswoman, to help others go from ignorance to awareness, and from awareness to action on 2018’s most pressing humanitarian issues.

It is her hope that we can all stand together against an ugly thing like human trafficking, and dismantle it with grace, style, and conviction.


Voluntary worker. Writer.
Committed changemaker.

Pyper’s heart ached for the inequality in the world long before she knew what to do about it. She used her social media accounts to raise awareness, hoping for someone with the resources and a plan to come along and be moved to act. Luckily, her passion put her on Ulrika’s map, and she was working on small local initiatives to raise funds for ABC Nepal before she knew it.

Now based in Prague, she continues her work with Do Good Now as a contributor to the news portal, telling stories of fantastic people who promote goodness, truth, and beauty on ANY level, in her series called “In The Spotlight”.


Fearless advocate. Survivor.
Gender advisor. Workshop Leader.

Sudeshna has experienced many of the things she’s fighting against firsthand, having to leave a home where neither her desires nor her pleas were heard at the age of 16.

She started her advocacy with Free them, an international youth movement working to prevent and change attitudes towards trafficking and pornography.

Since then, she’s worked on projects both in her home country of Sweden, and in Sonagachi, India. She has seen people become empowered to leave abusive relationships and let go of substance abuse as a result of her work, which she finds tremendously rewarding.

“When you see that your hard work results in positive life changes among others, there’s nothing in the world that can buy you that feel of relief and tranquillity.’


Proud co-ambassador for Do Good Now.

Has since childhood traveled and been exposed to different cultures and thereby developed a huge interest and eagerness to help and prevent inequality in the world, learning that there is always something to share and do with and for people.

As a final project in high school, she decided to create a documentary about trafficking and traveled to Nepal, one of the most exposed countries of trafficking, to make it happen. The outcome: a short film about ABC Nepal and what they do with interviews and facts about the industry and what solutions there are to prevent it, as well as post aids. Through the project, she managed to build a bridge and inform her fellow teachers and classmates back home.

Inspired by all the women and children in Kathmandu, she continues to be a part of Do Good Now’s projects to prevent human trafficking. One of her favourite mottos is “We all have a social responsibility to do something. Anything. Even if that means just taking a minute to listen and spread the word.”

For the past two years, she has been situated in NYC and studied Musical Theatre. As a fresh graduate, she is pursuing the profession of Musical theatre and acting for TV/Film.


An average teenager with an extraordinary perspective. A voluntary worker with Do Good Now.

Denise has been exposed to the work of Do Good Now and went on two trips to Nepal before the age of 16.

While still at school, she has used the money from her own account to donate the full amount needed for surgery and recovery of one of the survivors she met on her second trip.

Moved by the stories of young trafficking survivors at the ABC Nepal transit homes, she now advocates for the cause, noting that anyone who has 10 minutes can take the time to educate themselves, and anyone who has a few dollars, can donate to those to whom it’s a fortune.

All while going to school, and doing her homework, and spending time with her friends like any other teenager would.

Here’s a quick overview of how things unfolded so far:


1982 – At the young age of 13, Ulrika starts on her journey with monthly donations of 100 SEK to SOS Children Villages

1991 – The beginning of her career with the government

1993 – After 3 years within the system, Ulrika become disillusioned about the real results that system delivers.

1996 – The birth of the real estate business that will later provide the lifeblood for Do Good Now.

1999 – Turns out, there’s more than money and glamour behind the striking skyscrapers of Dubai. Ulrika’s mind turns to REALLY giving back.

2004 – Watching a report on the tsunami in Thailand, Ulrika and her husband decide it’s time to go big.

2006 – Do Good Now is set up. Ulrika takes a break from her first-world lifestyle to volunteer in Thailand for a year, where she is faced with her true mission when she meets victims of human trafficking at a shelter for women with AIDS.

2010 – Our first partnership is forged with ABC Nepal.

2011 – A dozen women receive micro financed vocational training in Costa Rica.

2013 – Our first visit to Kathmandu. Our second partnership, with Lorenz Fastigheter

2015 – Ulrika sees her first educational street drama in Nepal and sets out to support the initiative.

2016 – Big year of growth, with Sudeshna, Pyper, and Granporten AB all joining us.

2018 – We launch this beautiful new website. Also, we are joined by you.