BECOME A change maker TODAY!

Hundreds of tourists flock to Nepal trekking and exploring the glorious mountains and what better home-away-from-home than to stay in the DO GOOD NOW GLOBAL B&B. Not only do you receive incredible warmth and accommodation but you empower the girls and women who’ve been victimised through human trafficking and sexual exploitation, to learn how to run a B&B and financially support not only their dreams of education but also empowering their human development by learning about micro-and macro-financing AND building their community up, through education and ridding the population from poverty one step at a time.

Real solutions. Not Pity.

*(the first pilot project is in Nepal and then moving internationally).

And we need your help to finance the costs for building the Bed and Breakfast and Retreat House.

Support A Human Trafficking  Survivor in Nepal

We have partnered with the amazing founder of several transit homes for victims of human
trafficking and sex slavery called ABC Nepal, Durga Ghimire, to provide ongoing financial
support for the children she helps nurse back from the physical and emotional
trauma they sustained.

Do Good Now funds their education, housing, and therapy. That means, not only do we
help where it counts, but we can SEE the direct effect of our work on very specific children’s

That’s children who may grow up to become the next Nobel prize winners, or spiritual
leaders of the world.

Or even just healthy, happy, good people.
The world could always use more of those.

Care to  contribute?

Would you prefer to help support small business owners through micro-financing instead?
Or maybe sponsor an information campaign to keep the population of Kathmandu from being
tricked into handing their children over to human traffickers?